How to Write a Disclaimer For Your Website

Disclaimers are all about clarifying the relationship between you and your reader or audience. 

How to Write a Disclaimer for Your Website

You need to use disclaimers when there might be a misunderstanding about that relationship that could lead to your reader doing something that could end up hurting themselves. Once you understand that, writing a disclaimer is really easy. 

Here are the 3 simple steps I use to write disclaimers:

1. Identify the potential misunderstanding

Example: I talk about legal topics that might sound like legal advice.

2. Debunk the misunderstanding 

Example: I'm not giving you legal advice and you're not my client.

3. Deny responsibility (i.e. disclaim liability)

Example: Your situation is unique, and it's not my fault if the info I give doesn't apply to your situation, or if you decide not to get your own lawyer, and something bad happens. 

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