How to Make More Money Without Even Trying

Every savvy business person knows the importance of the upsell.

The customer is already committed to a sale, so it's easier to increase the price by adding a little extra value.

Think of the BOGO 50% Off deal that every shoe store runs. You think you're getting a great deal, but the store is actually getting you to spend more money than you would have without the deal. 

This trick isn't limited to product sales.

You can upsell your services too.

And it doesn't even have to be before the purchase. 

It's always easier to get someone to buy something from you after they have already spent money with you. Existing customers or clients already know your value, so that initial hurdle of getting them to open their wallet isn't so steep.

The bigger lifetime value per client, the fewer clients you need. 

Let's think that through.

In one month, you have 10 clients who each spend $100 with you (keeping the numbers easy 'cuz, lawyer here, not a math wiz).

In that month you make $1000. And if those clients say sayonara and you never see them again, the lifetime value of each client is $100.

Let's say instead, you had 10 clients that month but were able to upsell 4 of those 10 clients with an extra something that cost $50.

Now 4 of those clients have a lifetime value of $150.

And your monthly revenue that month increases to $1200.

That bump in revenue didn't require any lead generation, or ads, or extra effort on your part. It's just money in your pocket.

The best way to upsell your services isn't even salesy at all.

Sounds good, right? 

All you have to do to get the upsell is add some extra little bonuses into your contract!

No, I don't mean sneak them in so your client is stuck with them. 

I mean, make the option clearly available to your client. Plant the seed of early on and let it grow on them. 

Add a section to your contract called "Additional Services." This will go after you explain everything that is included. 

Under Additional Services, add anything you can offer that the client didn't choose, but that compliments what the client did choose.  

For example, if you're a wedding photographer, you could add Drone Footage (and the price) under the Additional Services category. If the bride changes her mind the week before the wedding, the payment terms are built into the contract you already have. 

All you have to do is have the bride (or whoever signed the contract) initial next to the additional option she chose in the contract to show she opted in and agrees to pay.

You can even confirm with an email, as long as you get it in writing.

Make these additional items things that naturally complement the service you're offering, and don't require too much extra work on your part (just in case they ask last minute!).

You can also include a deadline for electing the additional services if they require some planning. 

Building in the upsell also helps prevent scope creep

The Additional Services section also makes it crystal clear to the client what is not included in your contract. If it's laid out that they have to pay $X.XX extra to get a certain bonus service, they know it isn't included in the negotiated price. 

You're putting yourself in a great position to be able to say, no that isn't included, but I'm happy to add it on for $X.XX as stated in our contract

Just like that, you prevented scope creep, increased your contract price, and raised that client's lifetime value.

All you have to do is make your clients aware of the additional benefits they could be getting, and many of them won't be able to resist. 

It's honestly super easy to do. And your client might even thank you for it! 

How else do you upsell your clients? Let me know in the comments!

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