Hi, I’m Amy Nesheim, owner of Artful Contracts, LLC, and attorney licensed to practice in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

After practicing at a law firm for a few years, I was completely over the daily grind. I loved creating documents that helped my clients, but I couldn’t stand the four white walls. Not to mention, there’s no such thing as 9-5 in a law firm.

As a kid, I always said I would grow up to be a starving artist. Instead, I chose a path that starved my artistic spirit. I went to law school because I love to write and I love helping people. The law firm allowed me to do those things, but with so many constraints it was suffocating.

I started looking into other career paths, researching freelancing and entrepreneurial options that would give me the freedom and artistic outlet I was looking for. I seriously considered completely leaving the law behind.

I was researching client onboarding for copywriting when I found myself critiquing blogs about engagement letters and client contracts. I realized that there are so many free resources out there that it’s impossible for creative entrepreneurs to put together an effective, useful contract.

Just like that, Artful Contracts was born.

With contract templates tailored to specific service niches, I can actually help more small businesses than working in a firm face to face with the clients. And it costs each business less money for basically the same result.

My contract templates offer a middle ground between a free hodge-podge Google contract and a pricey lawyer contract, while still providing the peace of mind of a strong legal contract.

The contract templates are drafted by attorneys and tailored to the specific industry and service you provide. Instead of paying an hourly rate for an attorney to customize your contract, I’ll teach you how to do it yourself. With the help of our Artful Contracts Contract Template User Guide, you’ll be able to customize the contract template for your business and you’ll understand everything in it!

Take the guess work out of the legal side of your creative business so you can get back to what you do best.