Affiliate Agreement Template

Affiliate Agreement Template

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Using affiliates is one of the easiest and fastest ways of growing your business and making more sales.

Not only is it hands-off (they do all the work for you), but you only pay out when verified sales come in, so you can never lose money, unlike buying ads for example.

That said, if you want to use affiliates, you need to go about it the right way, as arguments regarding payout rates, approved promotion techniques, and disagreements over what to do in the case of chargebacks could ruin your next launch.

The good news is you can side-step all of these problems (and many more) with this “done for you”, legally binding template that takes all the stress out of managing your affiliates.

Start using this and you’ll have:

Financial protection - knowing that the payout structure is clearly - and legally - laid out and agreed by all parties in advance, so there’s never any disagreements.

More sales - as you specify the expected level of marketing required for all affiliates, so none of them slack off.

Peace of mind - as this template prevents any affiliates from using shady, “black-hat” tactics that could ruin your reputation.

Not only that, but the Affiliate Agreement Template also includes terms covering:

  • Your commissions and payout structure and terms (including what happens if there's a refund after you've paid a commission!)
  • Intellectual property ownership and licenses for promotional assets
  • Requirements for marketing your products
  • Non-disparagement clause to keep affiliates away from black-hat marketing
  • Everything else you need to protect your business 

About the Contract Template

The Contract Template covers your butt and protects your client at the same time. A strong contract clarifies your responsibilities and describes what happens if anything goes wrong. Our Contract Templates are written in plain English so you and your client can understand it – no legalese, guaranteed.

The Contract Templates protect your business by discussing all the aspects of your project, including the scary stuff like licensing, confidentiality, and limitations on liability.

What’s in the Contract Template?

The Affiliate Agreement Template includes terms covering:

  • Your commissions and payout structure and terms (including what happens if there's a refund after you've paid a commission!)
  • Intellectual property ownership and licenses for promotional assets
  • Requirements for marketing your products
  • Non-disparagement clause to keep affiliates away from black-hat marketing
  • Everything else you need to protect your business 

    How do I use the Contract Template?

    Each Contract Template comes with the Artful Contracts Contract Template How-To Guide that walks you through customizing and using your contract. It also answers all your questions so you can explain the contract to your clients and show them you know what you’re talking about.

    Is this Contract Template right for me?

    This template is perfect for anyone creating and selling online courses, especially if you're thinking about scaling with an affiliate program!

    Add this to your cart now and not only will it help protect your finances and your affiliate relationships for your next launch, but you can also use it over and over again, giving you a lifetime of stress-free, profitable launches!

    Looking for Terms of Purchase for digital products, too? Check out the Course Creators Deluxe Bundle.

    Do I really need a contract?

    Let me ask you some questions:

    • Are you starting a business?
    • Do you plan to get paid?
    • Do you want your clients to take you seriously?
    • Do you want to protect your business from liability?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a contract.

    Presenting your clients with a well-crafted, professional-looking contract tells them that you are a professional.

    Using a contract drafted and reviewed by attorneys helps you protect your business and your clients. It clarifies exactly what you are responsible for and what your client is responsible for. Having it all down in writing makes sure there is no confusion or argument later about who was supposed to do what. It also covers what happens if things go wrong.

    Using my contract templates rather than something you cobble together from internet blogs makes sure you cover the situations a lawyer would be aware of that you might not have considered.

    Isn’t it better to get a custom contract for my business?

    Honestly, I don’t think so. All the contract templates I offer share the same basic foundation – you provide a service to a client who pays you. Your business is unique and amazing, but the basics of a service contract don’t change. When you hire an attorney to draft a custom contract, you are paying for them to take a basic service contract they already have and revise it to match your niche and your business.

    Each contract template I offer is already specialized to your niche (like wedding photography or event planning). This cuts out half the work of the custom contract. The templates also offer multiple options for language where businesses might have different approaches. You can go through the template with the help of our Contract Template How-To Guide to choose the right pieces and add the details of your specific situation.

    Will the contract template work in my state?

    The basics of a service contract are the same across the US. All of the contract templates are designed to be broad enough to apply in any state, but they haven’t been reviewed by attorneys in all 50 states. You’re better off using one of our contract templates, all written by an attorneys, than no contract at all, even if your state has some unique laws.

    If you want to be sure, feel free to bring the contract template to a local attorney licensed in your state for review. A review of a pre-drafted contract for compliance with local law costs much less than paying an attorney for a custom contract from scratch (about 25% as much).

    Although Canada, the UK and Australia have similar legal systems to the US, the contract templates have not been reviewed by any attorneys licensed in those countries.

    How do I use the contract template?

    Fill in the blanks and send it off to your client. Yes, it really is that easy!

    Every template comes with a Contract Template How-To Guide. The How-To Guide walks you through each step of personalizing your contract for use with your business. It also explains each provision in the contract, so you understand it.

    Do I need the client to sign a paper copy of my contract?

    Nope! After you customize your contract, you can send it off to your client in PDF form for a digital signature. Use your favorite app for electronic signatures for extra protection.

    Can I change the design of the template?

    Of course! Everything you put in front of your clients informs their opinion of your business. Your contract is no different. I made sure it impresses them legally - it’s up to you to impress them aesthetically. Feel free to change the font, colors, layout, and style until it matches your brand. Please keep in mind that certain disclaimers may be written in all capital letters for legal reasons and shouldn’t be changed – the User Guide will point this out for you.

    What if I have a situation not covered by your specialized contracts?

    If you provide a service that isn’t covered by my templates (private coaching, dance instruction, etc,), feel free to let me know and I’ll work on adding it. For now, you can use the General Freelancer Contract, and add the specifics of your business. The General Freelancer Contract is designed to cover the basics of any service, but it’s always a good idea to consult an attorney regarding your unique situation.

    Can I hire you as my attorney?

    I don't review or draft custom contracts, but you can hire me to register a trademark for you! Learn more about my trademark registration package here.

    Buying a contract template, reading our blog, or communicating with me (Amy Nesheim) or anyone else on the Artful Contracts team does not create an attorney-client relationship. No attorney-client relationship is created unless and until you sign an Engagement Agreement with Artful Contracts, LLC.

    The contract templates are general templates for a type of service but are not specialized to your unique situation. If you need advice on your specific situation, please contact your local bar association for a referral in your area.

    What's your refund policy?

    If you buy a contract template and realize that it doesn't fit your business needs, we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked. Just reach out to within thirty (30) days of purchase.

    A credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within a few days. Your license to use our templates is revoked upon request for a refund. By requesting a refund, you agree to immediately delete the template, original and any variations, from all your electronic devices. You also agree that you have not used the template for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to verify that you are not continuing to use the template from time to time. 

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